Building Security

Building Security

Security at 240FOURTH

The building is supervised by security staff 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The security desk is located on the +15 of the building, and serves as the central monitoring station of all security and life safety systems. Suspicious and/or criminal behaviour should be reported so that Security may respond effectively.

Security Escorts

Safewalk is a service provided to our tenants free of charge. Our security guards are able to provide an escort, at any time of the day, within property boundaries. For example, if you would like to be accompanied to your vehicles in the parkade after hours, or to an adjacent building through the common areas, contact the Security desk.

Contact 240FOURTH Security:

Phone: 403-237-7050

Email: [email protected]  

Life Safety

Building Evacuation Drill

An annual Full Building Evacuation Drill is conducted at 240FOURTHH. We encourage tenants to participate and follow the directions of their Floor Captains and Fire Wardens. This event is designed to enable building staff and tenants alike, to simulate and practice for the eventuality of a possible building emergency.

Fire Warden Program

A comprehensive Fire Warden program has been put together to reduce the impact of building fire emergencies. We offer an annual session to all tenants to review procedures, roles and responsibilities. Tenant-scheduled private presentations are also available.

For additional information regarding Fire Warden Program, Fire Emergency Response and other policies, procedures and tenant resources, please contact:

Andrei Rotundu, Manager, Security and Life Safety

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 403.202.7511 (direct) / 403.370.4092 (cell)

Access Control

Access Management  

Tenant-specific requirements, such as card additions, deletions, badge layouts and clearance programming can be coordinated through the Access Control Coordinator.

If on-boarding a larger number of employees, please coordinate with Susan Blackwell, our Access Control Coordinator at 403-202-7518 or at [email protected].

General Access

Daily activity is managed at the security desk on the +15 level. All misplaced/lost/stolen access cards should be reported immediately. Day passes for those with valid access credentials are also available.

After-Hours Access for Contractors

Tenants requiring special access for contractors or other clients must complete an ‘Access Permit/Work Permit’ form. While we will make every reasonable effort to support our tenant arrangements, Security will ultimately refuse access to those whose credentials cannot be verified.